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Margaret Conway, President

ConwayStrategic’s president, founder, and fearless leader, Margaret has more than 20 years of experience tackling reproductive health, the environment, and gay rights. With a knack for implementing cutting-edge strategies and a mental Dropbox of movement history and opinion research, Margaret spearheads the development of creative campaigns that build support for some of the most pressing and controversial issues of our day. Margaret keeps the Millenial staff members' heads spinning by always being ahead of the curve on new technologies.

Chrissy Faessen, Principal

Chrissy is a friendly and fearless PR expert who develops innovative strategies from her home in the Virginia hinterlands. She’s ConwayStrategic’s Mariano Rivera—a pitching all-star who can turn a crisis into an opportunity for our clients. Chrissy’s winning record includes years of experience in advertising, marketing, and communications, and a wealth of creative strategies for engaging a new generation of young Americans.

Kate Stewart, Principal

Move over Kellyanne! Kate uses her polling powers for good and brings her wealth of public opinion research, policy, and communications expertise to advance social and reproductive justice. In fact, Kate takes her love of politics so seriously she became the Mayor in her hometown of Takoma Park.

Rocio Córdoba, Principal

Rocio's sunny smile and boundless optimism make her perfectly at home in Southern California where she's based. Her unparalleled expertise in issue-based advocacy, communications, movement building, and public interest litigation are sure to impress even the most discerning of clients.

Lydia Stuckey, Senior Program Director

A policy wonk, data nerd, and messaging maven, Lydia is a strategic communications triple threat. Her professional background gives her the savvy to navigate non-profit, corporate, and political environments and her messages are ALWAYS evidence-based. An expert coalition manager, she is equally adept at wrangling legislators, advocates, and her two greyhounds, Minnie and Charlie.

Kimberly Inez McGuire, Senior Program Director

Kimberly is a queer, Puerto Rican intersectional feminist and reproductive justice advocate who's spent more than a decade making small teams and budgets look like a million bucks--and win. Her policy savvy, critical social justice lens, and mastery of the written and spoken word enable her to bridge issues and communities, and her karaoke skills win her new friends at D.C. bars.

Nikki Metzgar, Program Manager

Nikki comes to ConwayStrategic from Texas, where she underwent red state bootcamp in policy development and legislative advocacy. After getting her Master's in public affairs, Nikki built compelling narratives around reproductive health care access at Planned Parenthood Texas Votes using a wide range of communications strategies -- traditional and digital. She is a true believer in storytelling for social change and loves nothing more than working with spokespeople on speaking their truth. She cuts through the clutter to engage the media on issues that matter like a hot knife through butter. Speaking of butter, she wants your baking recipes.

Nicole Lewis, Operations Manager

A high-performing team needs a superstar managing the infrastructure, and Nicole keeps the Conway ship afloat at all times. With nearly 20 years of experience in the political, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, Nicole provides administrative and project management support with passion and just enough persnickety-ness.